ProSET® – The Complete Process
Safety Evaluation Toolset

ProSET - SIL Determination

The Features of ProSET®

Family of tools to manage your Functional Safety Lifecycle. PHA Comp, SIL Comp® and DATA Comp

Easy to use interface

Customisable data to easily configure ProSET® to your company standards

Effortless report generation including custom report templates to match your company standards

Transfer information between modules, such as importing HAZOP data into a SIL Determination

Developed by consultants with over 100 years combined Functional Safety experience

About Us

ProSET® – Process Safety Evaluation Toolset combines a family of modules allowing the user to complete risk assessment activities part of the Functional Safety Lifecycle, as required by international standards such as IEC 61508 and IEC 61511.

Engineering Safety Consultants (ESC) has applied its 100+ combined years of technical safety know-how to develop ProSET®. ESC is a global engineering consultancy, offering services and solutions in all aspects of Functional Safety Management (FSM) (IEC 61508 / IEC 61511 lifecycle compliance), Hazard and Operability studies (HAZOP studies), Hazard Identification studies (HAZID studies), Safety Integrity Level Determination (SIL Determination), Layer of rotection Analysis (LOPA), Safety Integrity Level Verification (SIL Verification) etc.

Why ProSET®

SIL Determination module

  • LOPA
  • Risk Graphs
  • Cost Benefit Analysis as part of ALARP demonstration
  • Customisable Risk Profile for LOPA and customisable Risk Graph

IEC 61508- certified SIL Verification module

  • Random Hardware Reliability Assessment (PFD/PFH)
  • Hardware safety integrity architectural constraints
  • Sensitivity Analysis tool
  • Includes the SIF data subset from Technis FARADIP-THREE database
  • Customisable Failure Rate data

PHA Module

  • Customizable for HAZOP, CHAZOP, HAZID etc
  • Risk Ranking before and after safeguards
  • Configurable Risk Matrix
  • Configurable Deviations (Guidewords/Parameters)

DATA Comp Module

  • Compare Actual vs Predicted Failure Rates
  • Track Demands, Safe Failures and Dangerous Detected & Undetected Failures
  • Links to SIL Verification Module

SRS Module

SRS for the SIS and for each SIF

ProSET® is a family of three tools

PHA Comp

Process Hazard Analysis Compliance Tool

  • HAZOP Module
  • Risk Ranking
  • Configurable Risk Matrix
  • Configurable Deviations (Guidewords/Parameters)
  • Customizable for CHAZOP, HAZID etc
  • In line with IEC 61822

SIL Comp®

The SIL Compliance Software Tool

  • SIL Determination module
  • Risk Graphs
  • LOPA
  • CBA
  • IEC 61508- certified SIL Verification module
  • Sensitivity Analysis tool
  • The SIL Verification module incorporates the SIF data subset from Technis FARADIP-THREE database, which is based on over 40 published data sources together with Technis’ own collection of reliability data
  • Customisable Failure Rate data
  • SRS module
  • In line with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511


Operation & Maintenance Data Collection Toolset

  • Capture and analyse SIS equipment failures and demands
  • Protection Layer equipment failures and demands
  • Failures identified at proof test and more
  • Analysis is performed for:
  • Demands
  • Safe Failures
  • Dangerous Failures

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ProSET® is licensed to an individual machine but can be deactivated to be used on another, great when, for example, one department would carry out a SIL Determination and another department the SIL Verification.


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