Example ProSET® Project File and Reports

ProSET® Example - Project file based on IEC 61511 - Functional Safety Software

ProSET® Example 1 – Based on IEC 61511

Our example project file is a great way of seeing what ProSET® can do without manually entering Hazards and Nodes etc yourself.

Example 1

This example project file is based on the worked examples in the IEC 61511 standard.  Download Example Project 1 here.

Example 2

This project file is based on a processing facility.  Download Example Project 2 here.

Example Reports

Proset® uses Word Templates when generating reports (view our Reports guide for more details).

Report generation is disabled in the free trial version of ProSET® but examples can be viewed here, generated from the example project files above:

It should be noted that these reports are very simple versions of what’s possible.  The Templates can be configured to contain explanatory text for each section, table, etc.  On purchase of a license we can help you configure your templates.