Initiating Events

Adding Initiating Events - ProSET®

Adding Initiating Events – ProSET®

Initiating Events can be added by clicking on the required Hazard ->SIL Determination -> LOPA -> Initiating Events.

An initiating event is a potential cause of the specified Hazard, which ultimately can cause a demand on the SIF for which the SIL Target is being set.

Note – It is only possible to configure Initiating Events for Low Demand SIFs. A default Initiating Event is shown if in Continuous Mode to allow the adding of IPLs and Conditional Modifiers.

The Add Initiating Event window allows the selection of a default Initiating Events or to create a new Initiating Event altogether.  The defaults are provided as a guide and can be modified in each use depending on the study.

Tip – Use the Used Text Function to use previous text used in that field within any Initiating Event in the project.

When setting a Target Frequency you can select the time unit, which converts the frequency to “per years”.

When selecting “Operator failure” (Human Error) from the defaults a Probability Of Error field is shown.

IPLs and Conditional Modifiers

Please read our guide on IPLs & Conditional Modifiers