Node Overview - ProSET®

Node Overview – ProSET®

To start creating a Node, click on Add New.

To perform a PHA Study you’ll need to define a Node.  PHA Comp allows you to record all vital information that is required and facilitates full traceability from the Drawing Numbers and Node being analysed.

Tip – Use the Used Text Function to use previous text used in that field within any Nodes in the project.

Managing Nodes

After creating your Node, you can right click on the Node to perform the following operations:

  • Load Node – Conduct PHA Study
  • Duplicate Node – This will duplicate the Node with a new Node ID, keeping all the information in the Node and Notes sections.
    Note: The Node ID will not be copied, as this is a unique field.  A default will be used until the new Node ID is added.
  • Delete Node – Delete the Node and all of its contents.

Nodes Overview

Some column Definitions:

  • Assessed Deviations – The number of assessed Deviations out of the total number of configured Deviations
  • Actions – The total number of Actions assigned to the Node

Drawing Numbers

You can list the relevant Drawing Numbers that are included in the Node.  You can enter multiple drawings by clicking on the ‘+’ button and remove any incorrectly entered drawings by clicking on the ‘-‘ button next to the Drawing Number.

The Drawing Number is an “autocomplete” field, as you enter text ProSET® will search for already entered Drawing Numbers.  You can select an existing or enter a new Drawing Numbers.

Drawing Numbers on the project can be reviewed in the Drawing Numbers Manager.