Target Selection

The Selected Target can be set by clicking on the required Hazard ->SIL Determination -> Target Selection.

Target Selection - ProSET®

Target Selection – ProSET®

The Target Selection screen shows the results of the LOPA and/or the Risk Graph.

The Target can be selected from the assessed consequences or a Custom SIL or PFD / PFH:

  • Safety (LOPA)
  • Environmental (LOPA)
  • Financial (LOPA)
  • Reputation (LOPA)
  • Safety (Risk Graph)
  • Environmental (Risk Graph)
  • Financial (Risk Graph)
  • Reputation (Risk Graph)
  • Custom PFD / PFH
  • Custom SIL


For Custom PFD/PFH the SIL Target is determined from the entered PFD Target.

For Custom SIL Targets, the target PFD / PFH will be calculated as the geometric mean of the selected Target SIL.

Note – If the target is set based on a consequence assessment using the Risk Graph method then the Target PFD will be calculated as the geometric mean of the SIL Target.

SIL Status

A Hazard can be assigned a Status to mark its completeness.  See our Status guide for more info.