ProSET Software PC

Features of PHA Comp

Part of the ProSET® family of tools
to manage your Functional Safety
Lifecycle with SIL Comp® and MRA Comp

Effortless report generation including
a quick Actions report for study
attendees to take away with them

Easy to use interface

Transfer information between modules, such as importing HAZOP data into SIL Comp® for a SIL Determination or SRS

Customisable data to easily configure PHA Comp to your company standards, in particular your company Risk Matrix and Deviations (Parameters and Guidewords)

Developed by consultants with
over 100 years’ combined
Functional Safety experience

About PHA Comp

PHA Comp – The Process Hazard Analysis Compliance Tool is part of the ProSET® software suite for use in PHA studies such as Hazard and Operability studies (HAZOP studies).  Engineering Safety Consultants (ESC) has applied its 100+ combined years of technical safety know-how to develop the ProSET® family of tools.

Conducting hazard and risk assessments is a requirement of Phase 1 of the IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 Functional Safety Lifecycle.

PHA Comp covers all major PHA methods such as HAZOP, Hazard Identification (HAZID) and Control Hazard and Operability (CHAZOP).

Why PHA Comp?

Flexibility in modifying PHA Comp to your company standards as well as the different PHA studies that can be conducted
Easier and more cost effective
Studies conducted using PHA Comp become quicker, easier and more cost effective leading to a reduction in project man-hours
Consistency in approach
Ensures consistency in approach and methodology, aiding in improving the quality of studies performed
User friendly and easy to navigate
User friendly and easy to navigate, allowing PHA Comp® to be used by the inexperienced and tech savvy

Additional Features

Default Deviations

Setup default deviations to your company standards which are configurable to add, removed and/or modify deviations based on a particular PHA study

Default Risk Matrix

Setup default risk matrix to your company standard

Batch and Continuous Processes Studies

Conduct both batch and continuous processes studies, not limiting the type of studies you can conduct

Actions Response

Provide an Actions response to track how each action is being resolved

Actions Manager

Review Actions taken in the PHA study through the Actions Manager in one place without having to go through each node

Consistent Approach

Maintain a consistent approach by reusing Actions and Safeguards

Actions only Report

Generate an Actions only report, allowing participants of the PHA study to know instantly what Actions are required and who is responsible for each

Multiple Languages

Available in multiple languages including English, German, Chinese (simplified), Arabic, Spanish and French