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Analysing a Deviation - ProSET®
Analysing a Deviation – ProSET®

Each configured Deviation is analysed separately for each Node. Check out our Deviations Manager guide. You can navigate through the Deviations via the left and right arrows (‘<‘ or ‘>’) or via the drop-down menu.


The following information can be supplied for each Deviation

  • Cause – The Initiating Event
  • Consequence – The result of the Initiating Event assuming no Safeguards are in place. The category of the consequence is also entered here (i.e. Safety, Environmental, Financial, Reputation)
  • Risk Ranking Before – The Severity and Likelihood of the Cause/Consequence ignoring the effects of any Safeguards
  • Safeguard – The Safeguards that are in place
  • Tag – A unique identifier for the Safeguard
  • Risk Ranking After – The Severity and Likelihood of the Cause/Consequence taking into account the effects of any Safeguards
  • Action – Any Actions that are deemed necessary
  • Assignee – The person responsible for the Action
  • Status – The status of the Action, either Open (in progress) or Closed (completed).

Click the ‘+’ button to add a new row. A dialog box allows you to enter the information.

There is a sequence that must be followed in completing the worksheet, for example it is not possible to enter in Consequence if no Cause has been specified:

  • Cause – The first piece of information required
  • Consequence / Category – A Consequence can be added to a Cause
  • Risk Ranking – Can only be entered when a Consequence Category has been entered
  • Safeguard/Tag – Can only be entered when a Consequence has been entered
  • Action/Assignee/Status – Can only be entered once a Cause has been entered

Not Applicable

If the Deviation is deemed to either have “no Causes” or to be “Not Applicable” then checking the relevant box will deem the Deviation as Assessed.

Assessed Deviations

PHA Comp keeps a record of which Deviations in a Node have been assessed to assist with conducting a study. A Deviation is considered to have been Assessed when at least one Cause and Consequence has been entered or either the “Deviation is Not Applicable” or “Deviation has no Causes” check box has been selected. The Assessed count is displayed on the Node Overview screen and the Deviations screen.