Configuring Elements

The Elements are managed by clicking on Actions -> SIL Verification -> Manage Elements.

Adding an Element - ProSET®
Adding an Element – ProSET®

In order to carry out a SIL Verification analysis, a set of Elements need to be configured based on the SIF configuration.

When adding an Element a Device Selection list displays the default Failure Rates. By default SIL Comp® is supplied with the Technis FARADIP-THREE database, which is based on over 40 published data sources. We can configure SIL Comp® to include your company standard Failure Rate data.

When selecting a Device the details of the device are shown including it’s Dangerous Failure Modes. The relevant DFM is selected when using the Element in a Channel.

If you can not find the Failure Rate data you can add Custom Failure Rates. Our guide to managing Custom Failure Rates details adding data for your whole project. You can quickly add data from the “Add Element” screen by clicking “Add Custom Failure Rate“.

Custom Failure Rates can be listed by searching for “[custom]” in the description field.

Managing Elements

Managing Elements - ProSET®
Managing Elements – ProSET®

After creating your Element, you can right click on the Element to perform the following operations:

  • Edit Element – Open and edit the Element. You can not change the Subsystem Type (Sensor, Logic, Final Element) if the Element is used in any Branch
  • Duplicate Element – This will open the Add Element window with the data from the original Element
  • Delete Element – If the Element being deleted is used in any Branch, an error message will pop-up warning the user and informing them which SIFs the element is used in.