Custom Failure Rates

Adding Custom Failure Rate Data - ProSET®
Adding Custom Failure Rate Data – ProSET®

The Custom Failure Rates are managed by clicking on Actions -> SIL Verification -> Manage Custom Failure Rate Database.

SIL Comp® allows for the addition of Custom Failure Rate Data, in instances where appropriate data cannot be found within the default database.

Managing Custom Failure Rates

After creating your Custom Failure Rate, you can right click on the Custom Failure Rate to perform the following operations:

  • Edit Custom Failure Rate – Open and edit the Failure Rate. You can not change the Subsystem Type (Sensor, Logic, Final Element) if the Custom Failure Rate is used in any Element
  • Duplicate Custom Failure Rate – This will open the Add Custom Failure Rate window with the data from the original
  • Delete Custom Failure Rate – If the Custom Failure Rate being deleted is used in any Element, an error message will pop-up warning of the Device Tag of the Elements it is used in

Selecting Custom Failure Rate Data for Elements

Check out our Guide on Configuring Elements.

All custom devices have the prefix of [custom] in the description field allowing them to be searched for.

My supplier has given me PFD values only (λD missing)

If you have a PFD value rather than λD you may use it as a custom failure Rate in ProSET, check out our guide My supplier has given me PFD values only (λD missing)