DATA Comp Overview

Operation and Maintenance Data Collection

IEC 61511-1:2016 Clause 11.9.3 specifically requires that:

The reliability data used when quantifying the effect of random failures shall be credible, traceable, documented, justified and shall be based on field feedback from similar devices used in a similar operating environment.

Grouped Devices - Data Comp - Functional Safety Software
Grouped Devices
Data Comp Overview

Using our DATA Comp software module ESC can help ensure compliance with this requirement by capturing and analysing key operation and maintenance data, including:

  • SIS equipment failures and demands
  • Protection Layer equipment failures and demands
  • Failures identified at proof test and more

Analysis is performed for Demands, Safe Failures and Dangerous Failures, comparing the calculated Actual Rates against those derived through SIL Determination and SIL Verification studies. Failures are analysed on similar Devices as a group as well as the individual Devices with a comparison made as either better or worse than the predicted rates. This would allow an operator to validate their SIL Determination or SIL Verification results based on actual real-world Failure Rates.

For a demonstration of DATA Comp please download the ProSET trial from our website or contact us at

Operations and Maintenance Data Evaluation service

ESC can do the evaluation for you, saving the time for your staff to record, evaluate and report the performance of your system.

How does it work?

  • Step 1 – Provide data to ESC on the equipment used within your SIFs, including:
    • Tag number, Serial Number, Installation Date
    • Failure Rate data used in Random Hardware Reliability Calculations (including functionality e.g. failure to detect high pressure, failure to close etc)
    • Service of the device (clean, dirty or average)
    • Estimated demand rate for the devices
    • Any existing records of failures (random dangerous and random safe) and demands
  • Step 2 – ESC setup the system for the recording and evaluating your data
  • Step 3 – Initial report issued showing set-up
  • Step 4 – Submit your recorded failures and demands in CSV format at the agreed interval (monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly, yearly)
  • Step 5 – ESC processes the data and provides a report

Steps 4 & 5 continue at the agreed interval to best suit your requirements (monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly, yearly)

For more details please visit the Operations and Maintenance Data Evaluation service page on our website or contact us at