Initiating Events

Adding Initiating Events - ProSET®
Adding Initiating Events – ProSET®

An Initiating Event is a potential cause of the specified Hazard, which ultimately can cause a demand on the SIF for which the SIL Target is being set.

Click on “+” to add a new Initiating Event or right click on a Initiating Event to edit or delete that Initiating Event.

Note – It is only possible to configure Initiating Events for Low Demand SIFs. A default Initiating Event is shown if in Continuous / High Demand SIFs to allow the adding of IPLs and Conditional Modifiers.

The Add Initiating Event window allows the selection of a default Initiating Events or to create a new Initiating Event altogether. The defaults are provided as a guide and can be modified in each use depending on the study.

Tip – Use the Used Text Function to use previous text used in that field within any Initiating Event in the project.

When setting an Estimated Frequency you can select the time unit, which converts the frequency to “per years”.

When selecting “Operator failure” (Human Error) from the defaults a Probability Of Error field is shown.