Project Overview

ProSET® Project Overview
ProSET® Project Overview

When creating a New project you are asked to configure defaults for the project.

These options can be changed for the project at any time by clicking: Tools -> Project Overview.

ProSET® allows you to record an overview for each specific project, specify which configuration files to use for new projects and set certain parameters for the project.

General Options

Provide information about the project. This information can be used to pre-populate sections of your report using Placeholders.

  • Project Number
  • Site / Project Title
  • Client

Resource Location

ProSET uses configuration files when setting up new projects. You can select from:

  • Defaults – These are the base configurations that come with ProSET®
  • My Docs / ProSET – Any custom configuration files can be saved to “Documents / ProSET”
  • Custom Location – You can set any folder on your PC or Network to be the configuration folder for ProSET

When a custom configuration file is not found it will be marked with a red X and the default file will be used, ie. if you have a custom Fialure Rate file this will be marked with a green tick, all others will be a red X and the defaults will be used for these.

ProSET Custom Configuration Files Resource Location

SIL Determination

  • Continuous/High Demand Config – What action is taken in the event of a fault on continuous/high demand SIFs:
    • Alarm
    • Alarm plus channel trip
  • SIL Band – Should the PFD/PFH Target of a Custom SIL Target be set to:
    • Geometric Mean
    • Percentage of the SIL Band – You can provide a percentage value if selected

SIL Verification

  • SIL Architecture Methodology – Selection of which methodology to use within the project:
    • IEC 61508 Route 1H
    • IEC 61511
  • Plant Life – The expected lifetime of the plant (yrs)
  • Default Mission Time – Time interval between replacement or major overhaul of SIS equipment (including full functional testing), to an as-new condition (yrs)
  • Default Mean Repair Time – Select the default repair time (hrs)
  • Default Proof Test Coverage – Select the percentage of dangerous failures detected by proof testing (%)
  • Default Proof Test Interval – The default period for the proof test interval (months)
  • Default Periodic Automatic Testing Coverage – Select the percentage of dangerous failures detected by periodic automatic testing OR partial testing of the device (%)
  • Default Periodic Automatic Testing Interval – The default period for the periodic automatic testing OR partial testing of the device (months)
  • Spurious Trip Failure Rate – Selection of the failure modes to include within the Spurious Trip Failure Rate Calculations
    • Safe
    • Safe and Dangerous Detected
  • Default β – Percentage to account for common cause / mode issues (%)
  • Default β when calculating Spurious Trip Rate for M=N Configurations – Percentage to account for common cause / mode issues between elements when calculating the spurious failure rate (%)


  • Rate Result Tolerance – Selection of the tolerance band to judge the “better” or “worse” data versus the design failure rates (%).
  • Combine Dangerous Failures – Tick box allowing the evaluation of all dangerous failures together. Not checking the box will evaluate ‘Dangerous Detected’ and ‘Dangerous Undetected’ separately
  • Default CHI Squared Confidence – The default confidence percentage to evaluate the data. The higher the number the more accurate the resultant failure rate is. However, more data is required to provide the failure rate data from a statistical evaluation perspective (%)

Note: Where options are titled as “Default ….” this is the default value used within the project. This value can be changed on a case by case basis when using ProSET. Changing this value does not effect any saved values.
ie. Default β is set to 10%. When configuring a new Branch the β value is set to 10%.  This can be changed at this point to a value specific from the scenario.? Changing the Default β will not effect the saved value of the configure Branch(s).