Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis Tool - ProSET®
Sensitivity Analysis Tool – ProSET®

The Sensitivity Analysis Tool can be accessed by clicking on the required Hazard -> SIL Verification -> Sensitivity Analysis.

SIL Comp®’s Sensitivity Analysis Tool can be used to investigate the effect of changes to various parameters have upon the PFD of the SIF.

The parameters of each Element can be modified (without affecting the original saved data):

  • Proof Test Coverage
  • Proof Test Interval
  • Periodic Automatic Test Coverage (PAT Coverage)
  • Periodic Automatic Test Interval (PAT Interval)

As the parameters are changed, the Proposed PFD Achieved will change accordingly. A Proposed Result is also shown based on the Proposed PFD Achieved and the Selected PFD Target

If the Proposed changes are agreed they can be applied to the Elements. This will update the parameters in the configured Elements and will be carried forward to any dependencies (i.e. any other SIFs using the same Elements). A warning is display of affected SIFs.

You can also export the proposed modifications to a CSV file for further analysis.