Default SIF SRS

The Safety Requirement Specification can be viewed by clicking on the required Hazard -> SIL Determination -> Safety Requirement Specification.

These are the general requirements for the SIF, which is specific for each SIF.

A default SIF SRS is provided within ProSET.

The SIF requirements are split into 7 sections:

SIF Details

  • PHA Report Reference
  • Sources Of Demand
  • Demand Rate On SIF
  • Trip Points
  • Success Criteria
  • Functional Relationship (Between Input and Output)


  • Electrical Power Loss
  • Compressed Air Loss
  • Hydraulic Pressure Loss
  • CCF Other

Process Details

  • Safe State Definition
  • Concurrent Safe States
  • Process Safety Time
  • Requirement To Survive a Major Accident

SIL Data

  • Mode of Operation
  • SIL Targets
  • Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD)
  • Proof Test Interval
  • Mean Repair Time
  • Periodic Automatic Testing Interval
  • Spurious Trip Rate Target
  • Spurious Trip Rate Achieved
  • SIF Response Time

Trip Actions

  • Manual Shutdown Requirements
  • Energise / De-Energise to Trip
  • Resetting After a Shutdown
  • Overrides / Enables / Bypasses
  • Dangerous Combinations of Output States
  • Specify Actions to Achieve / Maintain Safe State on SIS Fault Including Human Factors
  • Action on Valve Discrepancy

Desired SIF Response

  • Sensor Failures
  • Logic Solver Failures
  • Final Element Failures

Maintenance Issues

  • Maintenance Considerations
  • Work Instructions (sensors)
  • Work Instructions (logic)
  • Work Instructions (final elements)