SRS Overview

ProSET® incorporates an IEC 61511 compliant Safety Requirement Specification (SRS) module allowing the user to input all the key data required to successfully complete a SRS.

Many of the fields are completed automatically by ProSET® using entered SIL Determination and SIL Verification data.

There are two aspects to the SRS module:

Safety Instrument System (SIS) General Requirements

This is general for the whole project and only needs to be completed once

The SIS General Requirements are managed by clicking on Tools -> Safety Requirement Specification -> SIS SRS.

SIF Requirements

SRS data unique to each SIF.

The Safety Requirement Specification can be viewed by clicking on the required Hazard -> SIL Determination -> Safety Requirement Specification.

Custom Configuration File

All projects start with default SRS which can be edited. Contact Us via the support page to configure the defaults to your company standards to be used in all new project.