SIL Status Selection - ProSET®
SIL Status Selection – ProSET®

A Hazard can be assigned a Status to mark its completeness.

Setting the status of your hazard can be assigned by clicking on the Hazard -> SIL Determination -> Target Selection -> SIL Status.

You can choose from four statuses:

  • Open – The assessment of the SIF in question is currently in progress
  • Closed – The SIF in question has been assessed and no more modifications to the SIF are needed
  • Hold – The SIF in question has outstanding information that requires verification
  • Development– The SIF in question is currently in development / design
  • Out of Service – The SIF in question is not in service
  • Mothballed – The SIF in question has been mothballed
  • Custom – User defined status if the above are not adequate in defining the status of the SIF