Target Selection

The Selected Target can be set by clicking on the required Hazard ->SIL Determination -> Target Selection.

Target Selection - ProSET®
Target Selection – ProSET®

The Target Selection screen shows the results of the LOPA and/or the Risk Graph.

The Target can be selected from the assessed Determination methods and consequences or a Custom SIL or PFD / PFH.

For Custom PFD/PFH the SIL Target is determined from the entered PFD Target.

For Custom SIL Targets, the target PFD / PFH will be calculated by either (set via Project Overview):

  • Geometric mean of the selected Target SIL
  • SIL Band percentage

Note – If the target is set based on a consequence assessment using the Risk Matrix or Risk Graph methods then the Target PFD will be calculated as the geometric mean or SIL Band percentage of the SIL Target.

Assessment Justification

You can provide a Justification of which Target is Selected.

SIL Status

A Hazard can be assigned a Status to mark its completeness. See our Status guide for more info.